A Few Reasons To Allow Security Shredding To Manage Your Records

If a company is storing boxes of files in a self storage unit, the costs can run over $100.00 per month per storage unit. The same boxes can be stored with Security Shredding for a savings of up to 50% per month….. PLUS you will have an inventory and a tracking system.

Clients’ vital records are not only stored, but are managed by professionals. Security Shredding can assist  you in establishing a meaningful retention policy. When your files are no longer needed, Security Shredding will destroy the files for you.

When a file is needed, Security Shredding will pull the file, hold it for pickup, deliver it to your office or scan it and electronically deliver it to wherever the client needs it .

Security Shredding can manage the clean out, indexing, and cataloging of your documents without disrupting your day to day operations.