Large Format Document Imaging and Printing

Security Shredding / East Texas Scanning can scan, copy and print large format blueprints, survey plans, topographical maps, tax records, mechanical drawings, architectural plans, engineering drawings, and any other type of large format documents. Images and Metadata can be provided on a DVD, CD, or a Portable Hard Drive.

We can digitize your Large Format Documents into digital “images” that will look and print exactly like the paper original documents.

We use the very latest in Contact Image Scanning Technology to capture the finest image detail in technical documents and drawings, maps, sketches, hand annotated drawings, and complex schematics without any “stitching”. We can achieve exceptional monochrome performance with very sharp and clean black and white images and high definition color reproduction.

By digitizing your large format documents and drawings, you will be able to search, view, and print them with ease! Your drawings can be at your fingertips. No more searching through disorganized filing cabinets. No more trying to handle over-sized and unwieldy documents. No more misplaced documents and drawings.

Digitizing your large format documents will ensure that your crucial Documents and Drawings are accessible over the long term and at the lowest possible cost. As paper deteriorates over time, a digitally imaged drawing will last forever.

Screenshot of ARCH E on an iPad 2_SM


Above is a screenshot of an ARCH E (36” x 48”) Architectural Drawing that has been scanned into a pdf and is being viewed on an iPad 2. Once Large Format Documents and Drawings have been scanned, they could be viewed on any of today’s smart phones or tablets.

From a massive and unwieldy 36” x 48” to a 7.3” x 9.5” iPad 2 Screen!!!

Below is the same ARCH E (36” x 48”) Architectural Drawing that is above but has been “zoomed” in.

This is being viewed on the same iPad 2 as above.

No more struggling with over-sized and unwieldy documents in the field once they have been imaged into a pdf!

ARCH E on an iPad 2_Zoomed_800x600

No more searching through cabinets and cabinets or stacks and stacks for the service manual or drawing you need.
No more running back and forth from a job location to the office to find information.

All service manuals and drawings could be carried with you!