Document Imaging

Document Imaging will convert your old paper documents into digital images that will look and print exactly like the original paper documents.


If my facility suddenly “goes up in flames” or is destroyed by an unforeseen “act of nature”—is it possible to continue “business as usual” meeting the needs of all my clients?

  • A major aspect of many small companies or businesses today is the management of client files, documents, records, transactions…and so forth. For some, the loss of this information would result in the delay of their business reopening—and for others—permanent closure.
Converting physical files to electronic records will make your company more secure, efficient and compliant.

Benefits for utilizing document and imaging for records retention:

• Reduce the cost of locating, copying and recreating office documents
• Streamline workflow processes and improve productivity
• Minimize risks of regulatory exposure, fines and penalties
• Increase security of customer information from unauthorized access
• Ability to respond quickly to resolve all customer needs
• No software purchase, installation or changes required
• Maintain HIPAA security and privacy compliance
• If a natural disaster or fire occurs, all of your records would be in electronic format—saved on a server unit, backup drive, or “cloud”—and business can resume at your temporary or new facility immediately!

An entire library of Digitally Imaged Documents will fit in the palm of your hand!

Once your original paper documents have been “Digitally Imaged”, they will never have to be “Imaged” again!