There is only one way to be 100% sure your hard drive info cannot be recovered….


Hard Drives create a unique problem because so much sensitive information is contained on them. Many people believe that reformatting the drive will remove all of the information. Reformatting is like tearing out the table of contents of a book. When a hard drive is erased, files and directories are deleted, but the actual data remains. This data can be easily retrieved using readily available software. Many other methods claim to remove the information but there is only one way to be absolutely sure to destroy all of the data on the drive…….. remove the hard drive and grind it up into tiny little pieces.

While many companies will use a hydraulic press to punch a hole in the Hard Drive and call it “Destroyed”, we use an Industrial Hammermill Shredder to pulverize the drive into small pieces! This is why we believe that you can not afford to trust your hard drive destruction needs with just anyone. Once you annihilate a hard drive in a shredder, you can forget about it! Nothing of the data once contained on the drive is recoverable.

Our approach ensures that the information can never fall into the wrong hands because we will totally ANNIHILATE the hard drive.


You can have the peace of mind knowing that no information will be left behind!

  • Security Shredding has the mobile solution for you.
  • Our self-contained mobile Hammermill Industrial Shredder can come right to your business.
  • We can remove the hard drive from the computers for you.
  • We will totally annihilate the hard drive.
  • We can also recycle the rest of the computer for you if needed.
  • This can all happen right at your location where the information on the hard drive stays in your control until it doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The whole process can be witnessed by you.
  • At the end of the process we will give you a certificate of destruction with the destroyed hard drives serial numbers for your records.